10 Best Jobs in the U.S. Army


Whether you are considering enlisting, re-enlisting, or changing jobs in the U.S. military, there are many careers available that allow you to earn a good income while pursuing your interests. Many of these jobs also come with significant bonuses, promotion opportunities, and skills that turn into civilian jobs when you are no longer in the military. Exploring some of the best jobs available is a great first step towards finding a job in the U.S. military that you love. In this article, we explore 10 of the best jobs in the U.S. military, including information on salaries and top responsibilities.

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MOS stands for Military Occupation Specialties. The US Army has 190 MOS available for enlisted soldiers and has divided similar specialties into branches or fields.

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The best jobs in the US military

Here is a list of the top 10 MOS jobs in the US military. It is important to note that the US military pays according to the rank and pay grade appropriate for each soldier, individually.

1. Combat medic

National average salary: $ 41,800 per year

Main duties : A specialist combat medic is responsible for providing emergency battlefield medical care, health protection, and evacuation. They are responsible for deploying with combat units and treating soldiers in combat zones. Their main tasks are to administer emergency medical care; help with outpatient and hospital care; prepare patients, operating rooms and supplies for surgery; and administering injections and medications.

They can prepare blood samples for laboratory analysis, interview patients and record their medical histories. Doctors are also expected to administer intravenous (IV) solutions in the field to dehydrated soldiers after long periods of training or movement.

2. Disposal of explosives and munitions

National average salary: $ 44,365 per year

Main duties : An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialist is responsible for the safe handling and disposal of unexploded ordnance, including improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or chemical, biological or nuclear munitions. In addition to the safe disposal of ammunition and bombs, EOD specialists are also responsible for gathering intelligence on ammunition and improvised explosive devices; assist in the installation and operation of contamination control and emergency decontamination stations; and prepare and maintain the tools, equipment and vehicles they use in the course of their work.

3. Diver

National average salary: $ 46,821 per year

Main duties : U.S. Army Divers are trained engineers who are responsible for reconnaissance, demolition, and rescue tasks. They are responsible for inspecting and cleaning propellers and hulls, repairing damaged boat hulls, salvaging sunken equipment, patrolling the water and assisting in the underwater construction of jetties and port facilities. They also inspect beaches, ports and rivers for underwater objects. They specialize in either scuba diving or scuba diving, where they can be underwater for longer periods of time and at depths of up to 190 feet.

4. Human resources specialist

National average salary: $ 48,296 per year

Main duties : A human resources (HR) specialist is responsible for helping Soldiers develop their careers in the U.S. military. Their main responsibilities are to assist on all HR support matters; supervise the actions of management and distribution of the workforce; oversee the readiness, health and well-being of all soldiers; and maintaining emergency notification data. They prepare orders and requisitions, maintain personnel records for tenders and enlisted soldiers, and process soldiers for separation and retirement. They also process recommendations for awards and decorations and requests for OCS, warrant officer flight training or other special training.

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5. Counterintelligence agent

National average salary: $ 51,251 per year

Main duties : Special Counter-Intelligence Agents are responsible for conducting investigations and analysis to detect and counter international terrorist threats. As a Counterintelligence (CI) Agent, you will conduct all types of investigations, from terrorism to treason to espionage. You use video and audio recordings as well as photographic and surveillance equipment to gather the evidence needed for your case. IC agents are also responsible for detecting, neutralizing and exploiting counterintelligence targets.

6. Public affairs specialist

National average salary: $ 51,598 per year

Main duties : A public affairs specialist is responsible for assisting in the oversight and administration of public affairs programs. Their primary duties include preparing and distributing press releases, web material and photographs, developing news article ideas, writing press releases, and media training.

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7. Cyber ​​operations specialist

National average salary: $ 53,493 per year

Main duties : A Cyber ​​Operations Specialist is responsible for conducting offensive operations in cyberspace and defensive operations to protect data, networks and other systems. Their main tasks include collecting, analyzing and reporting digital data; provide intelligence and network support that protects the cyber domain; and evaluate network defense operations. They are also responsible for maintaining network defense tools such as routers and firewalls and performing field audits on the network.

8. Recruiter

National average salary: $ 63,442 per year

Main duties : A US Army recruiter is responsible for contacting, interviewing, and counseling civilians in order to obtain qualified candidates for enlistment in the US military. Their main responsibilities include making contacts in the community to share information about military training and employment opportunities, posting and distributing marketing materials, interviewing candidates interested in the military and the military. conducting assessments and tests for potential recruits.

9. Head of operations

National average salary: $ 67,466 per year

Main duties : A U.S. Army Operations Manager is responsible for planning missions and making sure their teams have everything they need to be successful. Tasks may vary, but often include planning, coordinating and directing force security and protection. They may also be responsible for drafting approval training guidelines and trade orders, preparing routine correspondence, and drafting answers to complex questions for approval.

10. Psychological operations

National average salary: $ 70,422 per year

Main duties : Psychological Operations Specialists (PSYOP) are responsible for assessing a population’s information needs and creating messages to influence and engage target audiences. Their main tasks include research and analysis of strategies to influence foreign populations, operation and maintenance of PSYOP equipment, including advanced speakers and computers, dissemination and dissemination of information and travel abroad in times of peace and crisis to assist US and foreign governments. .

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