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By Jeff Gillis

I thought posting this customer service job description in the midst of our battle with the corona virus and this terrible downturn in the job market was timely for several reasons.

On the one hand, customer service jobs span a wide range of industries, so while job openings in one area may go down, they may increase in another. A fact which is important at the moment because it means that there are still a lot of job offers that are coming up.

Second, it is one of the best jobs that can be done remotely. Quite often companies will allow you to work from home or from another location while doing your customer service job.

So let’s take a look at what it takes to be a top notch customer service rep, and if that’s a path you’d like to take.

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What is a customer service representative?

In a nutshell, customer service representatives answer questions or inquiries from customers or the public. They are there to help resolve any issues that the customer may encounter through different channels depending on the business. These may include answer phone calls, interact face to face, by email, live chat Or on social media.

They should generally have a comprehensive understanding of all of the company’s products and services. (Unless you are specifically responsible for handling customer service for a specific product or set of products.)

You will be one of the “faces” of the business. That is why a high level of professionalism is essential in order to present the organization or company in the best possible light.

REMARK: There are several different names that you will come across when it comes to customer service positions. Here are some examples:

      • Customer service representative
      • Senior Customer Service Representative
      • Call center associate
      • Customer service associate (part time)
      • Customer service specialist
      • Customer service specialist
      • Customer service representative

Customer service duties and responsibilities

As I mentioned in the introduction, customer service representatives cover a wide range of industries, so it is essential that you review your specific job description in order to find out what is required for this service job. particular client.

Having said that, I want to give you a list of common duties and responsibilities you’ll find customer service representative job descriptions on many. This way you can see if this career / position is right for you:

      • Interact with customers by phone, email, online chat, in person, social media
      • Resolve customer issues and complaints
      • Answer all of a customer’s questions
      • Accept payments
      • Configure and resolve issues with accounts receivable
      • Provide pricing information
      • Process delivery inquiries
      • Check clients
      • Keep records of interactions and transactions with customers
      • Engage with customers
      • Refer unresolved issues to another department if necessary
      • Communicate and coordinate effectively with internal services
      • Provide customers with information on pending orders and invoices
      • Maintain the customer database
      • Monitor business processes accurately and efficiently

Good customer service skills to have

There are certainly specific skills and qualities that good customer service reps typically have. You will see them on most job descriptions and they can really give you an idea of ​​if this position is right for you:

      • Personal skills
      • High level of professionalism (you are one of the faces of the company!)
      • Positive attitude (may be difficult for some people to maintain when dealing with an angry customer; -0)
      • Calm under pressure
      • Ability to deal with stress
      • Friendliness
      • Excellent verbal and communication skills
      • Organized
      • Effective
      • Good problem solving skills
      • Good computer skills
      • Multitask
      • Ability to learn other software systems relatively easily
      • Analytical skills
      • Good writing skills (email etiquette)
      • Team player
      • Empathy
      • Ability to simply explain technical or complex aspects to clients
      • Confidentiality
      • Data entry skills
JEFF’S TIP: Since there are so many diverse jobs in customer service. It makes sense to dig a bit into the company you’re applying for. Go to Glassdoor and enter the company you’re interested in or interviewed for and see if you can find “company opinion“from people who have worked for the position you are applying for. You can gain valuable insight into the work environment and culture of the company. You can also sometimes save yourself from a potential position. Be careful though, as companies often have offices / departments all over the country / the world, so try to find information about your specific office / department or the closest analog.

Customer service representative salary

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for customer service jobs is $ 17.53 and the average annual salary is $ 36,470.

Depending on the state you are employed in, there are certainly fluctuations in salary. This map gives you a good idea of ​​the differences:


Education and formation

One of the benefits of becoming a customer service representative is that you usually only need a high school diploma to qualify.

In terms of training, you will generally be trained on the job. You will have to know the different products and services offered by the company for which you will work.

After all, you need to be able to answer any questions customers ask you about these products and services.

Employment prospects

Similar to my previous cashier job description, while we will see increased demand for customer service reps in the short term due to Covid-19, in the long term, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is actually forecasting a slight -2% decline in employment growth. .


Mainly due to new technological advancements that will enable automated customer service systems:

Self-service or interactive voice response internet systems, social media and mobile apps are increasingly popular as they allow customers to perform simple tasks without speaking to a representative. Technological improvements will gradually allow these automated systems to perform even more advanced tasks.


How to use your job description for your interview

Before you jump into your customer service interview, here’s something important to remember:

The job description lists the skills and qualities that the recruiting company is looking for in its ideal candidate. It’s your job to make sure you demonstrate that you have these skills during the job interview.!

As I pointed out in this article, the skills and qualities that businesses often look for in a customer service representative will most likely understand (but not be limited to) Customer service (duh), organization, personal skills, a positive attitude and the ability to remain calm under pressure. You should therefore begin your interview by having prepared answers that clearly show that you demonstrate these qualities (if you have them).

How are you doing that?

By weaving the skills and qualities that you find in your specific customer service job description (which you have) in your interview responses!

Put it all together

Hope this career break in customer service has helped you decide if this might be the right career choice for you. For a temporary or long term position.

I think the fact that customer service work can be done remotely and with little experience makes it a good option during this pandemic. Keep in mind that a lot of other people might have the same idea, so be sure to browse the rest of our site to make sure you stand out in your interview.

Good luck!

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