Top 10 Zoom Interview Tips For 2021


By Jeff Gillis

The popularity of the Zoom video conferencing platform has exploded in recent years. Now that the Coronavirus has hit, Zoom has become even more popular, becoming one of the most used online applications / programs in the world for video conferencing, webinars and most importantly for us: remote job interview.

As we discussed in our previous video interview article, there are a lot of benefits to moving job interviews online:

    • No need to meet face to face
    • Can be organized and attended by both parties quickly
    • Easy to interview applicants who are out of town
    • Less pressure on applicants
    • Ability to effectively shortlist candidates

While we’ve covered video maintenance tips in general and Skype maintenance tips in particular, we wanted to highlight some of the specific things that make Zoom unique as a platform as it is used more and more.

What is the zoom?

The zoom is a Cloud-based video conferencing software Application that you can use to meet virtually online – video or audio only or both, while conducting live chats – and it lets you record those sessions for later viewing. (This is the key to our goals!).

REMARK: There are several ways to use Zoom. The most popular and easiest to use is their app. The app can be downloaded to your smartphone or computer. I recommend using the app, although there are browser extensions for both Chromium and Firefox.

Ok, now that you know the basics of what Zoom is, let’s take a look at some specific tips that will help you with your Zoom interview …

Top 10 Zoom Interview Tips

1. Download and familiarize yourself with the app

If you are unfamiliar with the Zoom app, it is best not to wait until the last second before your job interview to download it. Each app has its own unique personality and quirks that you should familiarize yourself with. For example, just because you’ve used Skype doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Zoom a try.

To familiarise with how Zoom sends your personal meeting link and access code. Did their email go to your Junk Mail or Junk Mail folder?

2. Train with a friend… and save it!

Practice a few traditional interview questions or take it up a notch and tackle some behavioral interview questions with a friend!

But here’s where Zoom really shines: Record your practical interviews.

Zoom allows you to record your video calls, making it an amazing tool for job interview preparation. By going through your recording, you can significantly optimize the performance of your interview:

    • How is the lighting?
    • Are you moving too much?
    • Are you not smiling enough? Too much?
    • How is your gaze?
    • Are the video quality and audio quality good?
JEFF’S TIP: Don’t just use Zoom to practice for your video interviews, use it to prepare for your phone and in-person interviews too! Not only can you hone your skills, but online practice can really boost your confidence and lead to less nervous interview performance on the “hot only” phone!

3. Use A Virtual background Zoom… if you need it!

One of the unique features of Zoom is the virtual backgrounds. If the location you are using is either too messy, has too many distractions, is awfully ugly etc, consider using one of the Zoom’s professional virtual backgrounds (Practice with him first to see if he looks good.)

This is an image of the settings area where you can choose your background. You can even add your own image as a virtual background.

While the “Sunset by the Golden Gate Bridge” background in the example above looks pretty darn cool, don’t choose a distracting or flashy background.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use this trick, make sure you have a zoom account before your video interview and that you have a virtual background configuration enabled in your profile. It won’t look good if you’re trying to set up a mid-term job interview!

4. Record your actual Zoom interview

We discussed recording your training interviews, but recording your actual Zoom interviews can be just as valuable. After all, you will be able to see your actual performance and how it differs from your workouts.

You can see what the hiring manager sees and correct the issues. This is invaluable, after all, you can’t record an in-person interview in order to improve it. With a Zoom interview, it is possible.

IMPORTANT: It is possible that the hiring manager has deactivated the “recording function”. So be ready for it.

5. Use a “cheat sheet”

This tip applies to all video and phone interviews, but it’s still valuable to talk about. While we also recommend bringing an in-person cheat sheet, they can be especially helpful in video interviews. If you place it carefully in view of the camera, you can reference it occasionally if you get lost or want to remember questions you wanted to ask the hiring manager.

6. Use the “Mute” button in an emergency.

If you are struck by a sneeze or a coughing fit, you can use the Zoom mute button to mute your sound: Mute the sound Use Cmd + Shift + A (PC: Alt + A) to mute / unmute your sound.

7. Use a professional profile name

Make sure the name of your Zoom profile (if you create or already have a Zoom account) is professional. The easiest way is to use your full name as the profile name.

The reason I’m talking about this is that some people have old Zoom accounts that they’ve created in the past and sometimes have weird and funny names that they’ve created that may seem unprofessional.

JEFF’S TIP: Don’t use your gamertag! ??

8. Check for audio problems

When performing your test, be sure to thoroughly check your audio.

Is there an echo?

It’s surprising to some people, but bad sound is often worse than bad video. Recruiters prefer to hear you perfectly with a few hiccups in the video feed, rather than the other way around.

If you are dealing with audio echo (one of the most common issues), fix it with this audio echo troubleshooting guide from Zoom.

9. Close the programs on your computer or laptop

It’s easy to forget. You want to close all your programs for several reasons.

    • Close programs to prevent your operating system from slowing down which could affect Zoom’s video and audio stream.
    • Close programs so that your interview is not interrupted by warning chimes or pop-ups.

10. Take it seriously

Having a video interview can give some people a sense of comfort. Which can be a good thing.

After all, you are often in the comfort of your own home, so you will feel less nervous and more confident. This is one of the great advantages of video interviews.

But be careful not to let this feeling of comfort go too far!

You should treat your Zoom interview in the same way as if it were a face-to-face interview. Be dressed appropriately (no pajama bottoms!), concentrate, have questions to ask, be prepared to answer behavioral interview questions, etc.

Think about it: After the Corona virus, I think that more and more job interviews will be done on platforms like Zoom. And not just the pre-screening interviews to reduce competition for a live interview, but all interviews until the end of the hiring! So it’s best to prepare and treat video interviews as sacredly as you would for a second interview.

Put it all together

Hope these top 10 Zoom care tips have been helpful to you. I really think now is the time to really hone your skills on this platform. As I mentioned, I think hiring managers and businesses are going to increasingly turn to video interviews now and in the future. It’s time to become a Zoom Maintenance Master… it’s now!

Good luck!

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