Top 20 Bank Teller Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)


By Jeff Gillis

While you might think that a bank teller job is everything money money money money …, an even more important aspect is people people people people…

As a bank teller, you take care of both financial management and client side of the day-to-day operations of the bank you’re applying to, which is why we’ve included a list of interview questions (and answers) with a bank teller who discusses
the two.

As the bank teller position does not usually require a lot of prior experience, there is a good chance that you will apply for this position without having worked in a bank before …

Its good!

But it’s critical for you Go through the job description carefully to discover the exact qualities and skills the bank is looking for in its new bank teller.

Common qualities and skills required by bank tellers

Here are some of the qualities and skills that a bank usually looks for in a bank teller.

IMPORTANT: This does NOT mean that you don’t have to comb through your particular job description to know exactly what your target bank is looking for!

    • communication skills
    • Customer service experience
    • Sales experience (for the sale of various banking products)
    • Organisational skills
    • Ability to count money quickly and accurately
    • Attention to detail
    • Conflict resolution
    • Ability to stay positive
    • Decent math skills

As you collect these types of skills and qualities in the job description, your job is to incorporate them into your interview responses.

How to answer interview questions from a bank teller

Prepare to store this information in your mind Bank, because we will be telleverything you need to know to prepare for your job interview. (See what I did there ??… Ok, you’re right, I’m quitting 🙁)

To give you an idea of ​​what kind of response an interviewer would like to hear, we’ve given you some sample interview questions and answers with a bank teller.

When looking for a teller, a bank is going to want someone who is focused, organized, and able to multitask. They will also want to see an ability to build relationships with people, as that money doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, but comes from customers who go through their day.

As ZipRecruiter puts it, bank tellers “are the face of a bank’s customer service.”Keep this in mind when responding in your interview. You want to be able to convey both your social side and your detail-oriented side. Don’t just tell the other person that you have these qualities, but spectacle using concrete examples!

As you’ll see, that doesn’t mean you have to use examples from old bank teller jobs either.

In fact, we wanted to let you know that we have created an amazing free cheat sheet it will give you word-for-word responses for some of the more difficult interview questions you’ll face in your next interview. After all, hiring managers will often ask you more general interview questions as well as specific questions to their bank tellers!

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Top 20 interview questions with a bank teller

Here are our top 20 questions that we think you need to be prepared for, along with some sample answers you can use to inspire yourself:

1. What experience do you have in dealing with large sums of money?

Sample response:

When I worked in a grocery store in high school, I mostly worked at the cash register, where I managed customers’ money. Obviously the grocery store had a strict protocol regarding the cash drawer, and I recognized the importance of making sure the drawer was secure while helping customers who came through my line. Because of my ability to focus on different tasks at the same time, including helping customers, I was able to remember the importance of always staying by my cash drawer when it was open.

2. What does great customer service look like to you?

Sample response:

As a customer myself, I know how essential a friendly face and helpful attitude can be in ensuring that a customer becomes and remains a repeat customer. As a barista in a cafe, I learned that customer service isn’t just about giving a customer what they want, but anticipating their needs before they even need to ask. By responding to body language and visual cues, I was able to determine if a customer needed an explanation or just wanted to order their drinks quickly. As a bank teller, I used my relationship skills to make sure the customer was getting the service they wanted and expected.

3. How would you go about selling a product to a customer who deposits money?

Sample response:

Authenticity is important to me, both as a person and as a worker. Not only is this more effective, but it also helps keep people comfortable, especially when they hear about a potential product. When I worked for a bookseller a few years ago, my role was to show clients the benefits of opening a member account. Instead of using the insistence on encouraging customers to become a member, I used my own personal experience with a membership so that I did not decide for customers, but allowed them decide for themselves. As a bank teller, I would use this authentic and personal approach to show customers why they might want to participate in any of the products we offer.

    1. What made you want to be a bank teller?
    2. How do you deal with processing multiple tasks at once?
    3. How would you go about knowing a repeat customer?
    4. How would you handle a customer complaint about slow service?
    5. How would you react if you saw one of your colleagues pocketing a sum of money?
    6. Why did you decide to interview for our bank?
    7. Did you research our bank before the interview?
    8. Are you able to adapt to different environments?
    9. Describe a time when you had to resolve a problem with a customer.
    10. What would you do if your supervisor told you to do something a certain way, but you knew a better way?
    11. Do you have customer service experience?
    12. What are your long term goals as a bank teller?
    13. Describe a time when you had a problem with a coworker.
    14. What advantages would you bring to the profession of bank teller?
    15. How would you react to a customer unhappy with a new banking policy which seems impractical but which strengthens the security of their account?
    16. How would you deal with a customer who seems annoyed because the customer in front of them was in line?
    17. Have you ever gone out of your way to help a client?

5 questions you can ask at the end of your interview with a bank teller

Asking questions at the end of the interview is not only a chance to learn more about the job, but to demonstrate your personality and your own interest in the job. Read this article and use the following questions to show your interviewer why you are best suited for the job.

    1. How many customers does the bank see regularly?
    2. What other tasks does the job of a bank teller involve?
    3. What is the training process for this job?
    4. Are there opportunities for advancement to different positions within the bank?
    5. What security policies and procedures should I be aware of when handling cash?

REMARK: For more great questions to ask in an interview, check out our article!

Put it all together

Being a bank teller is crucial for the functioning of a bank, whether it is a large national chain or a small credit union. A cashier is not only responsible for moving money, but also providing friendly service and even helping the bank sell its products. Show your interviewer that you can handle both the social aspect of customer interaction and the more detailed side of handling large sums of money on a daily basis. When answering your interview questions, be sure to show how your own personal experience has given you the skills to handle the job of a bank teller.

Our comprehensive guide to answering bank teller interview questions has come to an end, so now it’s your turn to pass this information on to the bank… literally!

Good luck!

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