Top 30 Supervisor Interview Questions For 2021 (+ Sample Answers)


By Jeff Gillis

When interviewing for a supervisory position in a company, the stakes are high. This is not just a regular job that the company is looking to fill. Becoming a supervisor obviously puts you in charge of others in the business or organization and sometimes you may find yourself supervising certain employees who have been there for much longer than you have (sometimes decades longer!). This is why interpersonal skills and leadership skills are usually of crucial importance to one’s job.

That said, there are probably others too! As we always preach, the job description is your best friend. There are probably other skills and qualities that the company highlighted as desirable in the job description and you should emphasize that you have these skills during your interview!

Many job seekers see a supervisory position as a stepping stone to a higher managerial position. If it is true, becoming a supervisor and showing great direction, Communication and other skills can certainly lead to higher positions within the company, including management, be careful not to diminish the position during your interview. Supervisors are essential elements within the company that ensure that their employees work efficiently and productively.

Now, let’s get ready for the supervisor interview questions you should be prepared for. These are the most common questions you are likely to face in becoming a supervisor. Keep in mind, however, that they are in addition to traditional interview questions and common behavioral questions.

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Top 3 Supervisor Interview Questions With Sample Answers

1. What previous supervisory experience do you have?

This question is going to be one of the very first asked, so be prepared with a great answer. As you think about how you’re going to react, make eye contact and make the connection between your previous experience as a supervisor and what they’re looking for. Remember, the interview is not about you, it’s about them. Try to show that you can meet their needs and solve their problems.

For example, if you are going to eventually be placed in charge of the third shift in a factory, you can tell them about your experience as a factory worker and how you communicate effectively with others. (To note: Communication being a quality that you discovered they were looking for in the job description.)

Sample response

“I have led several teams in the past. For example, in my last job as a supervisor at Loews, I was responsible for supervising several groups of employees who all worked in different departments and with different schedules. As you can imagine, being able to communicate effectively in this environment was essential. I worked hard to be clear and organized with my staff and to make sure everyone was on the same page. I have noticed in the past that often some employees can be confused but be too shy or scared to say anything. This can lead to issues, so I always make sure that after any group meeting I check individually with any employee I think is in the dark in a certain area.

2. What type of salary are you looking for in relation to this supervisor position?

This is the time for serious things. How good are you at negotiating? If you usually go to flea markets and accept the price tag on the label, you probably need some work. When you go to the supermarket and find things to buy that are on sale, do you talk about when they charge you full price at the checkout? This question has stumbled even the best of us.

After all, if you throw away too high a number, you could end up unemployed. However, if you say too low a number, you could be hired and underpaid for the rest of your life. For this reason, you should do your research ahead of time. Find out what other paid supervisors are in your area.

You can refer to these numbers during negotiations. Fortunately, when the job is posted online or in the newspaper, there is an expected salary listed there. But keep in mind that this is just the starting point. For example, when you walk into the parking lot and the salesperson asks you what your budget is, you start with a low number so they don’t blindly rob you. Negotiating a salary is pretty much the same!

Sample response

“Through my research, I have noticed that supervisors in this field seem to make around $ 55,000 per year. I am looking for a position that offers more than what I currently do for the good of my family. What is the approximate salary offered for this position and is there potential for promotion? ”

3. Why should we hire you before all other candidates?

This question rules out all other BS. They basically ask, “What makes you so special?” Rather than hemming and laughing a bit, you should answer this question with humility and humor, but also let them know that you have what they are looking for.

Sample response

“Being a supervisor requires being able to communicate well with all types of people. I’ve been doing this all my life. A glance at my family tree would make you think you’re watching the cast of Flight Over a Cuckoo’s Nest. I can relate to others no matter what. And that interests me. If an employee is in difficulty and cannot find their way, it directly concerns me as a supervisor. I fail to put them in the best position where they can be successful. I might not be the smartest person you interview. I may not be the prettiest either. But I can make the most of the people who work for me. In fact, I don’t even see them as working for me, but with me. We are all part of the team. We will all be successful as a team. While individual accolades are great, it boils down to teamwork. And I believe that I am the person who can bring this team together.

27 most common supervisor interview questions

    1. Have you ever had to discipline an employee and how did you deal with it?
    2. Having said that, have you ever laid off an employee?
    3. Our supervisors are up to date on the latest technologies. Do you see your technical skills as one of your strengths?
    4. How to keep employees motivated?
    5. How would you resolve a conflict between two employees?
    6. If you fell behind on production targets, how would you remedy the situation?
    7. What is the largest number of people you supervised at the same time?
    8. Where do you see yourself in five years?
    9. Do you see yourself staying with the company for a long time if you are hired for the supervisor position?
    10. Would you like to live in the community here or do you see yourself commuting?
    11. As a supervisor, what is your greatest strength?
    12. As a supervisor, what is your biggest weakness?
    13. If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
    14. Have you ever had a good supervisor and what made them stand out for you?
    15. Are you leading by example as a supervisor?
    16. Why would you want to quit your current job?
    17. What is your management style?
    18. How would you create a team atmosphere with the employees?
    19. How would people describe you?
    20. How do you think people who don’t know you would describe you?
    21. If necessary, would you be able to work overtime?
    22. Are you open to suggestions from others?
    23. Can you keep an open mind or are you determined to make all the decisions?
    24. We sometimes hire people with disabilities. Would you be able to work effectively with other people who are quite different from yourself?
    25. As a newcomer, would you have trouble expressing yourself in meetings?
    26. What has been your greatest achievement in life?
    27. Do you have any questions for me?

This question is asked at the end of most interviews. Don’t just shrug your shoulders, don’t really say, then get up to go. The interviewer may think that you are just in a hurry to get out of there and that you are not really interested in the position of supervisor. Take advantage of this moment. Turn the tables with these five questions.

    1. Have you always worked for this company and worked your way up the ranks?
    2. How many other candidates are interviewed for this position?
    3. Do you know when a decision will be made?
    4. What would an ordinary day look like for me if you chose to hire me?
    5. What’s your favorite part of working for this company?

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Put it all together

The only way to improve in interviews is to practice. It could mean looking at yourself in the mirror as you go over your answers to these questions or going to real interviews and improving yourself that way. Remember, if the company is having enough trouble interviewing you, you at least have a chance of landing that supervisor position. Your foot is already in the door. It’s up to you to open it to the end.

Good luck!

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