Why Coaching Is An Actual Necessity For Your Company


Debunking myths and answering frequently asked questions about business coaching

The words coaching and mentoring have been circulating on the Internet for quite some time. The benefits of such sessions include increased confidence and performance, better communication with colleagues, and a healthier work environment. Yet there are many questions regarding the method itself, the timing of the process, and who to turn to in general. To answer all of your questions, we recently interviewed Zsuzsa Czagler, HRKOMM Award Winning Leadership Developer and Motivational Map Practitioner to better understand what coaching looks like.

Zsuzsa Czagler

What is coaching and how does it affect employee motivation?

Coaching is a creative process that helps individuals or groups perform at their best in their professional and personal lives. Zsuzsa describes the process as going on a journey and facing a huge boulder on the road – a good trainer will be able to help you get from A to B. However, unlike psychologists, they will not focus on the boulder, its role in your life or how it got there, they will think of alternative methods to keep moving forward. Coaches do their best to help others energize, find motivation, and define the questions you need answered.

Motivation is one of the most powerful assets you can have on the job. We have met thousands of applicants with wonderful skills and incredible experience who weren’t hired because they lacked that “spark”. Lack of motivation can easily lead to early burnout, making your days tiring and boring. Seeking help in business is just as necessary and successful as seeking advice with mental issues.

What does the coaching process look like?

The problem usually starts with someone who is not living up to their potential. Some tasks may not be performed correctly, negativity may start to surround them and even spread to colleagues, and conflicts may arise… In an ideal situation, a coach steps in to identify why someone is running low on fuel. A motivational maps test can then be performed which gives an immediate snapshot and helps to see on both sides where the problem is and where the energy is being diverted from someone. The card makes the whole process transparent, by teaching the coachee (the coachee) to learn how they can evolve and change rather than showing them predefined solutions. They highlight issues and experienced coaches are able to read between the lines and define how they can be targeted. Motivational cards can be completed online. Since this is a centralized test, based on the enneagram, Maslow’s pyramid, and many other simple but effective tests. After taking the test, a coach helps define goals and practices that improve a person’s overall performance and mood.

Motivational cards can also be useful during interviews. Incorporating more personal elements into your HR processes has proven to be beneficial in the long run, although it may take more time on the part of your colleagues. If you are really looking for the best addition to a team, the candidate should also match a personal level, and it can also be easier for managers if they are able to know how to motivate a whole team, based on corresponding values. .

Is group coaching effective and how does it work?

Yes, in fact, Zsuzsa herself specializes in coaching groups and leaders. (You can check out this Hungarian article on their group coaching website) With the groups they make a team motivation map, to show what motivates the majority, what discourages them and what can be done to enable them to function effectively as a team. Sometimes the answers are completely different and more complicated, individual solutions are needed, sometimes a simple and obvious solution solves all the problems. Successful strategies are all about keeping people energized and motivated, and it’s important to understand that the same solutions can’t work for everyone. Results include improved group dynamics, reduced number of conflicts and increased respect for team members, and most importantly, increased results.

Planning your strategy with a trusted group that will encourage and help each other is totally different from just setting business goals. Having confidence in your employees will be the most valuable asset of your projects, because a motivated team able to work together smoothly will achieve the best results.

How long is the coaching process?

If someone is willing or even eager to learn and change, the process can be quite quick. One session may even be sufficient. However, you will have to want to do better, otherwise coaching is not the answer. Whatever your professional or personal problems, focusing on the solution takes a lot of strength and determination.

Is Coaching Really Necessary For Your Business?

People by nature act in ways that meet their needs, whether it’s emotional stability, attention, or purpose. A coach can step in to identify how each need can be met in a way that serves both the individual and the business purpose.

Fluctuations can also be drastically reduced, indicating that the numbers can be halved while still achieving the best trading performance. This saves the company the time, effort and money it takes to find and train new employees. We always encourage our clients to invest in the talents they want to keep for the long term and to develop them so that they too want to stay with the company.

Investing in a great coach ensures that your progress as a business or business will not be limited by team dysfunctions or personal limitations. We encourage everyone to take the well-being of each employee seriously and to deal with these matters in a transparent and respectful manner. We found our conversation with Zsuzsa particularly insightful, and we hope you gained some valuable insight as well. Don’t forget to visit his blog for more ideas!

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